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All Sessions at Nolan Catholic High School from 8am-10am

Monday       June 7

*Meet at top of Stadium Stairs at 7:15am to bring new players up to locker room

*Bring Water, Cleats, Flats/Running Shoes, Snack/Fruit, Towel and Physical.

*Walk down to Stadium at 7:45pm


Tuesday        June 8

Wednesday  June 9

Tuesday        June 15

Thursday       June 17

Friday           June 18

Academy @ Nolan Soccer June 21-24 (Ages 1st-6th Grade)

Tuesday        June 22

Wednesday  June 23

Thursday       June 24

Monday        June 28

Tuesday         June 29

Sunday          July 4 Parade TCU

Thursday        July 8

Friday            July 9

Tuesday         July 13

Wednesday   July 14

Thursday        July 15


LVS22 Team Camp           July 21-24     6pm-9pm

The LVS22 Summer Program, The Academy @ Nolan Soccer, & LVS22 Team Camp is MANDATORY for VARSITY RETURNERS and strongly suggested for JV RETURNERS.


Overall Athleticism...

Carry out the soccer movements/actions in coordinated & balanced fashion in an aggressive and courageous manner. 


Key Qualities/ Positional Responsibilities...

We want highly athletic, proactive players that create instead of react. Communicate, decide, and execute all at the highest tempo reading situations regarding attacking, defending, and transition in that opportune moment, solving problems on the fly. Deal with chaos (adversity) with a solid mental and physical capacity. Lead yourself and LISTEN. 100% during all soccer actions... Must SEE transition.


Always thinking of NEXT ACTION . This commitment and sacrifice is not for everyone. The expectations will be taken serious regarding selection for LVS22. It is a choice. Club Soccer is also a significant component to LVS Player Development.  


For More Information Contact Jay Fitzgerald at or call 817-917-1491




Man U Test (10 x 100yd) 0:25s-0:15s

Shuttle Test (5-10-15-20-25 x 7) 0:35s

*Varsity MUST pass to play in order to be on the varsity roster 

*JV MUST pass to limit fitness at training.

LVS22 Summer Program

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