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Preliminary Roster Release

Final Roster Release October 23rd


Bea Birbeck

Laci Earixson

Rachel Firestone

Kat Gilpin

Madsion Ginani

Grace Gnatovic

Avery Hutka

Savannah Meyers

Avery Pick

Alyssa Spotts

Alle Steining

Bella Tankersley

Olivia Tankersley

Mya Ulloa

Paola Vazquez

Grace Wempe

Varsity Student Assistants

Victoria Clark & Ashlyn Wessel

Varsity Managers

Ana Norris & Hannah Martinez


Kaylee Cox

Emma Delgado

Olivia Delvac

Gigi Del Signore

Lani Diaz

Sam Garcia

Isabella Hernandez *

Keira Madl

Lilly Martinez *

Emma Mueller *

Kaley O’Keefe

Macie Parker

Mirabelle Tenorio *

Maddie Townsend *

Michelle Ullrich

Izzy Van Zanton *

Vic Watson *

Duel Rostered Players

Isabella Hernandez

Lilly Martinez

Emma Mueller

Mirabelle Tenorio

Maddie Townsend

Izzy Van Zanton

Vic Watson

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