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LVS21 Summer Program begins Tuesday

The LVS21 Summer Program gets underway this week on Tuesday. The program will run 3 times a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8am-10am. Training will be 2 times a week at West Park in Euless on Tuesday and Wednesday. The address is 600 Westpark Way, Euless, TX 76040.  The Friday sessions will be on the baseball field at Nolan Catholic. The need for more space is important for our summer sessions due to the nature of the game and of course the current COVID environment we are experiencing. Also, due to the heat it is always nice to find a nice grass space to cut down on a little of the temperature.

During the summer program, an important consideration for our players with all the soccer we have missed is, they are EXPECTED TO PLAY MORE SOCCER.  Club is going strong currently and by the middle of June, scrimmages and games will begin. On the days, we are not doing the summer program or they don't have club, then the BeastMode Training app should still be utilized.  A weekly, BeastMode session will be chosen for the girls to complete. BeastMode Soccer is a very important resource we have used for the past 2 months and we will continue to use it as we go deep into the summer and fall.

Summer Expectations:

The LVS21 Summer Program and Team Camp is MANDATORY for returning VARSITY players and strongly suggested for JV returners.

IMPORTANT: Players MUST bring their own water jug, cleats, running shoes, a towel, and a snack to EVERY summer session. No players can share water or towels. Also, please leave your phones in your bag or in your car so they are out of sight.

Goals of Summer Program:

Establish team identity and commitment by Aug. 12th. The commitment and sacrifices is not for everyone. The expectations will be taken seriously regarding selection for LVS21. Club soccer is also a significant component of LVS Player Development.

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CLICK HERE for Summer Calendar

Throughout the summer and into the Fall Pre-Season we look to the following aspects when selecting players for the upcoming season.

Overall Athleticism:

Carry out the soccer movements/actions in a coordinated & balanced fashion in an aggressive and courageous manner.

Key Qualities/Positional Responsibilities:

We want highly athletic, proactive players that create instead of react with a high soccer IQ to recognize and exploit space. Communicate, decide, and execute all at the highest tempo reading situations regarding attacking, defending, and transition in that opportune moment, solving problems on the fly. Deal with chaos (adversity) with a solid mental and physical capacity. Lead yourself and LISTEN. MUST SEE TRANSITION.

For more information feel free to contact head coach, Jay Fitzgerald

817.917.1491 or

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