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Female Leadership Initiative

Our female athletes have an amazing opportunity in front of us. We have strong, passionate female athletes in our athletic department. In order to maximize the amazing potential we have on our women’s teams and to bring out the best in our amazing young women, we have created an opportunity that will blow you away.

Don’t think you are just going to come and listen to a motivational speaker... that is not the case at all. We would never bore you with that. We are bringing in one of the top performance coaches in the country.

Dean Whellams from Team Elite Performance in Reno, NV will step foot on the campus of Nolan Catholic and take our women’s teams to a new level of thinking.

Come with an open mind and leave with and new outlook on your own individual and team potential. Step outside your comfort zone, be comfortable being uncomfortable. Be Uncommon!! There is no better time to be a female athlete and we have amazing female athletes in our athletic department.

Give everything to the opportunity!!!

WHEN: Friday, August 23rd & Saturday, August 24th TIME: Friday (4:00pm-5:30pm Introduction, 5:30pm Dinner, and 6:30pm-9:30pm Program) and Saturday (12:30pm-2:30pm) WHERE: Intro and Program in Gym and Dinner in Commons (Saturday TBA) DRESS: Blue Uniform Jersey and Shorts with Running Shoes as the event will be dynamic and extremely engaging.

Our Female Leadership Initiative will not stop here. We will take this experience back to our own environments and bring out the best of each other every single day. Our Female Leadership Group will meet monthly to discuss and share real experiences creating a platform for our young women to get out of their comfort zone and empower themselves. We will bring in special guests, teams from other schools, and hopefully some professional and college athletes.

We would like to grow this not only as Nolan Catholic community outreach initiative but a metroplex project that brings together individuals who have achieved extraordinary success in women’s athletics.

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