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District Play continues; week concludes with Senior Night

Coming off another solid weekend of 3 games in Austin, the Lady Vikings return home to finish up district play. Not ideal to play 6 games in 8 days but these Lady Vikings have managed their workload very well as the season grows older. In the last 6 games the Lady Vikings have outscored their opponents 23-2 but more impressively, they have moved to 21-4-4 and with their 6-0 record in district have been crowned district champions. Here is a summery of the last 3 district matches.

TAPPS 1-6A District Match

January 27th at 7:15pm

Scoring Summery vs TCA: Won 2-1

Nolan Goals (Assists)

Avery Hutka (Laci Earixson)

Earixson (Olivia Tankersley)

TAPPS 1-6A District Match

January 28th at 4:00pm

Scoring Summery at All Saints: Won 9-1

Nolan Goals (Assists)

Bella Tankersley (Avery Hutka)

Laci Earixson (Mya Ulloa)

Hutka (Earixson)

Earixson (Hutka)

Paola Vazquez (Earixson)

Ulloa (UA)

Earixson (UA)

Earixson (UA)

Avery Pick (Vic Watson)

TAPPS 1-6A District Match

January 30th at 6:45pm

Scoring Summery vs Liberty Christian: W 5-0

Nolan Goals (Assists)

Avery Hutka (Laci Earixson)

Alyssa Spotts (PK)

Earixson (Paola Vazquez)

Olivia Tankersley (Hutka)

Mya Ulloa (Avery Pick)

The Lady Vikings finished district play against Liberty Christian and clinched the district championship with a 5-0 shutout, their 18th shutout of the year. Following the game the Lady Vikings were so proud to recognize 5 amazing young women. Here are some stats and thoughts on the LVS Class of 2020.

LVS20: 20-4-4

LVS19: 19-7-2

LVS18: 20-7-3

LVS17: 22-14

Overall Record: 81-32-9 (122 games)

Goals For: 374

Goals Against: 107

Goals Against Average 0.87gaa

Goals For Average 3.06gfa

Head Coach, Jay Fitzgerald thoughts on the LVS Class of 2020

Katherine Gilpin...

Gil has played just about every position on the field for us since her freshman year… she started 12 of 13 games her sophomore season on varsity, tore her ACL in the Fall of her junior year and was terribly missed and this year has started 24 of 23 games. As one of our most athletic players, she has recovery speed that is unmatched and her ability to go box to box makes it very difficult for other teams to deal with her. Plus everyone she plays against is scared of her. She has an incredible presence and that is going to be hard to replace. But we can’t wait to watch you play in college.

Rachel Firestone...

Rachel is literally one of the funniest people I know and of course the biggest jokster I know…. She has some good ones trust me… Rachel is the most persistent person I know… she will do anything she can to please you and very selfless and it is all about team first. Rachel played 25 games her junior season and started 3 of them and this year has started 26 out of 26 games so far. She is the definition of patience and she has earned everything she has gotten to this point.

Mya Ulloa...

Mya.. what can I say about Mya… I have seen you grow exponentially over the past 5-6 years and what you mean to this program, what you mean to the game of soccer and what you mean to me is amazing!! You have so man in the zone moments that I cant count them… you resopect the game and everyone around the game and that respect has made you the player you are not to mention the skill, the soccer IQ and the drive.

Grace Wempe...

Grace Wempe is one of the most caring people I know…. We talk about awareness and understanding.. well she is at the top of the list when it comes to those words. Grace has been on varsity since her sophomore season playing in 21 games, her junior year 14 games and this year has played in every single game. She wears her heart on her sleeve and basically does everything at the highest possible level… I mean heck she plays 4 sports and 2 of those sports in the same season. Grace means so much to me because you know you can count on her, you know that she will take care of you, you know she will have your back. She is just an incredible human being.

Alyssa Spotts...

Alyssa what would this team do without you! So have seen it all … you have literally been apart of 5 final fours… you have played in the best game this program has ever player and if my forutune the other day comes true you are going to play in another one of the best LVS games. You have a great attitude except when you yell at me… but all and all you leave everything to have at every training, game or event … Alyssa has played varsity since her freshman year starting 14 of 22 games her freshman year, missing out on her sophomore season due to an injury but ever since then she has started and played in every single game her junior and senior seasons.

Congratulations to the LVS Class of 2020! #lvs4ever #lvsFamily #lvsCULTure

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