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Captains announced to kick off the second half of the season

The Nolan Catholic Women's Soccer team announced their LVS20 Varsity Captains this week. Seniors, Mya Ulloa, Alyssa Spotts, and Katherine Gilpin accepted the role as captains along with junior, Grace Gnatovic and sophomore, Alle Steining.

"It is an honor working with these amazing young women. I could honestly name every single player we have on our team to be a captain but it is because of the special team we have, that we are able to name their 5 LVSers, captains for the 2020 season," commented LVS head coach, Jay Fitzgerald.

These players have all played through the spine of the team and will be with the team throughout the spring and summer. Congratulations to these LVS student-athletes as they have earned the right to wear the band each game. They are very much an extension of the program.

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