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LVS21 Team Camp

Our annual LVS Team Camp plays an important role in the upcoming season. The purpose of the team camp is to bring current and incoming players together to develop chemistry and cohesion for the upcoming year. We also use the camp to define the program goals and expectations along with traditions.


WHEN: July 19th-21st, & 24th, 2020           


WHO: Current JV & Varsity players are EXPECTED, as well as all incoming freshman. 

TIME: 6:00pm-9:00pm

COST: $90 - Newcomers and Incoming Freshman

            * Please bring check payable to Nolan Catholic on first day of camp.

            * There is no cost for returning players.



* Wear summer LVS tank tops along with navy shorts.

* Bring Ball, Bring Water, Bring Cleats, Bring Running Shoes in case in gym.

* We start on time each session so please BE EARLY.



We help identify player key qualities through an individual development plan for each player to help steer our LVSers down the appropriate development pathway.  We are about progress and growth. We want to get better every day and in the end our players become better people on and off the field.



Night of Champions

LVSers will come together on Friday, July 30th and show off a summer's worth of hard work competing against their peers on other teams.  "Competitive spirit runs high around Nolan Catholic and we look forward to being together with our athletic community to celebrate another amazing summer, " LVS head coach, Jay Fitzgerald mentioned.  


All female athletes that have been involved in the summer conditioning program throughout the entire summer will be participating in the evenings events.  The athletes will perform the 4 events mentioned below and will be timed in each event*.  Athletes with the best times in each event will be crowned event champion as well as an overall champion that has the lowest aggregate time throughout all 4 events.  Athletes do not have participate in all 4 events but that will forfeit them from the chance to win the "overall" champion.


LVSers competing in the Night of Champions are based on attending the majority of the LVS21 Summer Program.


The female athletes will compete in 4 events...

Power Clean

5/10/5 shuttle

25 yard shuttle

Farmers Walk (25lbs)


The male athletes will also compete in 4 events...

Power Clean


40 yard dash

20 yard shuttle


The 2020 Night of Champions begins at 7pm.

LVS Camp 2021

As a staff we look to provide resources and programming to optimize our student-athlete experience. 

When: August 3rd-5th, 2020

Details TBA.



A unified team performs to potential. Our program gives our team a deeper understanding of the team concept through experience. Each player will better understand their role and the essential importance of 100% buy-in. The result is a team with the “X-factor,” that subtle advantage that elevates our team to a higher level of performance. 



We believe that providing youth the opportunity to experience and develop self-awareness, confidence and communication skills is the best way to set them up for success. 


CAMP LVS21 “A Summer Tradition”
Our goal is to set team culture through character development. Activities will be guided toward planning, periodization, culture, and identity. We will work through our unique personalities and ideas to maximize performance. A unified team performs to potential and we are in need of a deeper understanding of the team concept through experience. Each team-member will better understand their role and the essential importance of our #ALLin mentality. 


We believe that providing LVSers the opportunity to experience and develop self-awareness, confidence, and communication skills in the best way to set them up for success. We spend a lot of time on team culture relating to growing and progressing as human beings in their strong faith. This annual tradition is in year 14 of setting the tone for the upcoming 2021 season. 

For More Information about one of the most DYNAMIC high school women's soccer programs in the nation.

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